Links and Resources

NetWork21 TV channel 1980s (Bruno de Florence) – N21 YouTube channel

Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown – GAUTH –

Simon Holland –Prof Simon on YouTube

Bruno de Florence – Bruno channel on YouTube

Geoff Davis general site

Story Software – Notes Story Board v2.2

Easy Money Units Emus 

The History of Computing Project – Computer history timeline 1980-1 990

Details of BBC Micro computer 

Details of Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer

EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) London 2019 exhibition and conference

8-11 July 2019 London. Electronic visualisation technologies in art, design, music, dance, theatre, the sciences and more.

Computer Arts Society (CAS)

The National Museum of Computing (TNMoC), Bletchley Park

Computer Arts Society Leicester

William Latham

Micro Arts on Instagram

Micro Arts on Facebook

Easy Money Units Emus

Notes Story Board