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Micro Arts was founded in 1984 by Geoff Davis along with an international group of young artists and programmers. It released computer generated art, conceptual pieces and story generators on data cassettes and teletext, and provided a forum for computer artists and musicians.

Micro Arts History 1984-85 ebook – links for ‘standard’ and ‘deluxe’ fully illustrated edition ($1.99/$7.99)

There’s quite a good Kindle Sample available for you to check out (other formats online soon):

Links for fully illustrated edition (UK co uk) (US Com)

Links for smaller download standard edition, with some images (UK co uk) (US Com)

Or search your local Kindle store for Micro Arts History 1984–85

Geoff Davis 1984 MA1:3 ‘Abstract Originals’ compilation. Generative computer art.

Geoff Davis 1984 from MA1:1 ‘Abstract Originals’.

Geoff Davis 1984 Piano Bar from MA2 Various Unusual Events.


Martin Rootes 1984 from MA3:Martin Rootes (Texture and Pattern)