elementum.art laucnch new cube video and Gridd 88 history

Launch of new Micro Arts Cube videos and Micro Arts Grid 88
with elementum.art on Wednesday 22 Feb 2023 – Zurich Switzerland.

elementum art Micro Arts drop
elementum art Micro Arts drop

Geoff Davis of Micro Arts Group is live on Instagram in Zurich 4pm Central European time 22/2/2023. Visit elementum on Insta to find out more.

Please click here to visit elementum.art blog for details – there are 3 posts

This is our third exhibition in three years. There are 4 of our special cube videos, and a new 88 image grid of the 40 year history, starting with my code for MA1 in 1983 (BASIC screen shot) and ending with the new Spatial VR Micro Arts gallery.