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Micro Arts Group releases

NFTs are available on the curated art site KnownOrigin – Micro Arts Group.

KnownOrigin have just been bought by eBay, so not sure how that will work out.

The plan is to release the whole of Micro Arts Group activities from 1984 to 2022 as NFTs, and later in the VR Metaverse. For more details of original cassette and Prestel or Magazine releases please see ‘Art Software MA Sets‘.

We have experimented with releases on the curated artist site Known Origin, and will be also releasing on Rarible.

We are also building a new Generated Artists site, looking at the history of generated art via the artists that made it. Algorhymic art is as old as computing, it started well before ArtBlocks came along. Sequencing art can be done without even using a computer. This new site will have user controlled generated art, image saving, and minting. Due Q3 2022.

October – December 2021

  • MA1 Cube Series (with Patryk Jaworski) – 8 total, 5 released

December 2021 – March 2022

  • Originals 1984 – 1985 – MA1 ‘Lines’ video and still released.

Summer 2022 – releases on hold while other projects are developed. The last three of 3D cube videos will be put online to complete the set.

  • Gen Artists website

September 2022

  • AV Show – using the 3D cube videos with new audio, a VR show with ambient 4 channel combinatorial sound.





































































Micro Arts stills from MA1, MA2, MA3 and MA4 plus some videos and gifs.

  • Radiant City – new project

A roadmap or plan of a city, with art at each location.  Stills, videos.

  • Fiction Multimedia releases

New series, with download ebooks, of Geoff Davis‘ fiction, which always came with multimedia additions, even in 1994.

  • Nnn Goes Mobile – novel 1994

Game – ParisieNnn (Macromind Director) by Robert Metcalfe, published on Arts Council Hub.

  • Death In The Bubble World – novella 1997-2000

This was in 3 issues of Em Publishing book. Online animation by Paul Greenleaf. Introduced Easy Money Units, ‘EMUs’, an electronic currency. This also has AI sentiment processing.

  • The Circular River – novel 2022

This has been a work in progress for so long, it is now coming out as episodes. AI art illustrations. EMUs involved in the plot.

  • The Classical

Texts from classic fiction, mutated through AI.

Roadmap Part 1 

1/ MA1 “Abstract Originals” Cube Series. 1984 – 2021 – Geoff Davis

The idea here is to take the original 1984 MA1 “Abstract Originals” generative art and combine them with 3D cubes. A cube is a 3D graphics primitive and so the earliest 3D shape, along with spheres.

The 3D videos and soundtrack are a collaboration with Patryk Jaworski and Etalon Production.

There is one collection video (like the data cassette compilation), and 7 individual 3d art videos. They are part released (10 Dec 2021), please visit:

Micro Arts Group on Known Origin – MA1 Cube Series

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 still
MA1 Cube Collection video NFT

We were Featured Artist on Known Origin for first drop.

2/ MA2 Various Unusual Events. 1984 – Geoff Davis

MA2 VUE menu Micro Arts
MA2 VUE menu Micro Arts Group

Minimal – a 2 year program, first slow art. One pixel is drawn about every 20 minutes, slowly building up a white rectangle.

Studio (Random Walking) – small footsteps walking across a bounded space create abstract art. When the feet hit the sides, a noise, and a new direction.

Dada –  a random word generator – with unlockable pdf/ebook

Money Work System (Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto, shot Andy Warhol. This is an animation.

Carry on Computing – the computer explodes all over the screen, Matrix style. With sounds.

Piano Bar – graphics in the style of a player piano scrolling, and loom-style ‘woven’ art, Bauhaus related – Anni Albers. This is the only abstract art in the series, since MA2 was a set of ‘various’ styles of computer art.

MA3 – Martin Rootes Volume 1. 1985

Manchester and Sheffield based artist.

Various algorithmic graphics as short videos.

Runner – based on Muybridge






MA4 Story Generator.  1985 – Geoff Davis

Text generator using Geoff Davis’ short story ‘Cow Boils Head’ as seed.

Video plus unlockable content Cow Boils Head / MA4 as print and pdf/ebook.

Quantel Paintbox Art. 1984 – Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown (France)

Micro Arts Magazine published the first Quantel art in 1984.

Video of art and notebooks.

This comprises the main sets of art to be released as NFTs.

Roadmap Part 2

Fiction Multimedia releases, see above.

Roadmap Part 3

Subsequent releases will include:

Micro Arts Magazine – complete edition with unlockable pdf/ebook Magazine

Micro Arts Data Cassettes – 5 (MA1-4, and the unreleased compilation Lux) – with unlockable pdf Data Cassettes Layouts and Templates.

Micro Arts Prestel – where Micro Arts was present for several years, with downloads available via Teletext on national TVs, pre-internet

Micro Arts Memorabilia – reviews, comments etc. – with unlockable pdf/ebook Notebook

Micro Arts Restart 2019 – the website, Computer Arts Society liaison, Computer Arts Archive, and  exhibitions etc.

Roadmap Part 4

2022 – VR Metaverse

More news to follow. Please sign up for updates on the Contact page