MA4 Geoff Davis Cow Boils Head Story Generator

MA4: Cow Boils Head ZX Spectrum 48k – 1985. For images see below.

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Above: master backup. The tape was only distributed on Prestel teletext.

Geoff Davis 2019

The original short story was inspired by Mad Cow Disease or MCD, which was a big UK (mainly England) farming disaster in the 1980s. Cows were fed other dead cow bits leftover from industrial meat processing which led to, infectious to humans, cow brain disease.

The story was about a cow who found out somehow that she had eaten her sister, a story of revenge. It was written as a news review of the cow’s attack on the farmers (see later for the story). 

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Screen shots of the new computer generated text versions with different animals, events etc:






Geoff Davis 1984

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