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New video art and music show from Geoff Davis and Patryk Jaworski coming 2022.

Art NFT available visit Known Origin Micro Arts Group

For more of these new 2021 3D videos with music, please see this blog

Original Micro Arts computer screen videos

These videos (below) have no sound.
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Micro Arts History Geoff Davis ebook many formats

MA1 ‘Abstract Originals’  – Geoff Davis 1984 (7 generative art pieces)

7 generated art displays (below)


MA1 ‘Abstract Originals’ – #3


MA1 ‘Abstract Originals’ – #1


MA4 – Cow Boils Head text story generator – Geoff Davis 1985

Several runs of the story text generator


MA2 Various Unusual Events – Geoff Davis 1984 (7 conceptual and art pieces) 

MA2 Various Unusual Events – Piano Bar


MA3 Martin Rootes Vol. 1 1984 (6 generative art pieces)

MA3 Martin Rootes – Texture and Pattern


MA3 Martin Rootes – Runner

MA2 Geoff Davis Dada

Dada # 0

In June 1916 Hugo Ball, founder of Dada, performed a set of sound poems on stage at the Cabaret Voltaire club in Zurich. This program created random works from letter, to be recited as sound art, or used at parties.

MA2 – Geoff Davis – Slow Art – 2 years to finish. An early example of environmental or slow (long term) art. Also a joke about fast paced computer graphics.