Art Software MA Sets

This is the section for full details the extensive computer art produced by Micro Arts. If you just want to look at the art, use the pulldown menus in this section or use these links:

Image Art Gallery – still frames from the algorithmic art, animations and text generators

Videos– videos of the software, scaled up from the original size using a Spectrum Emulator (Speccy), BBC Micro using Beeb-em.

MA1 Geoff Davis ‘Abstract Originals’ 7 algorithmic art pieces with full menu control

MA2 Geoff Davis Various Unusual Events – 6 conceptual pieces

MA3 Martin Rootes Volume 1 – 5 animations

MA4 Geoff Davis Cow Boils Head Story Generator – endless versions of my short story Cow Boils Head.

See also:

Micro Arts Magazine – one issue, was 75 pence (0.75 £ UKP)  and was distributed by ArtExpress, and also given away with the data cassettes.

Prestel – we moved on Micronet 800 on the Prestel teletext service