1980s computer digital art timeline

Music: also has selected 1980s music technology developments

This is not complete, it’s Western focused (English language mainly UK, also US, Canada, Australia) so if you have any suggestions or comments please get in touch via Contact. There’s also a 1980s Waiting Room for new items, untested.

Early computer art – a few things from 1960s to 1970s











1990 and a few later events

There are many artists in the 1990s who used computers in their work but are not computer artists as such, it became a tool, and artists didn’t want the tag (deskilling, if you view it as a traditional artist).
Digital photography and animation (CGI) have been used by many artists, so some might get a review here eventually. People such as Russian artist Olga Tobreluts, who started as an abstract painter in the 1980s. I like Felipe Pantone at the moment, a Spanish abstract graffiti artist (uses buildings and outside spaces).

Full credits and links are here.

Timeline researched, written and edited by Geoff Davis (hence the Sheffield band entries) with invaluable help with editing and suggestions from Catherine Mason. There’s quite a lot on 1980s music equipment like samplers, MIDI, software, etc., as I usually had some gear for music making (or amusing myself anyway) and I worked with some professional musicians during this period.