1980s Timeline Credits & References

With thanks to Catherine Mason.

Much relevant information in her stimulating book:
Catherine Mason
A Computer In The Art Room
(JJG Publishing 2008)

Paul Brown‘s diverse book, with chapters by most of the leading artists and curators:
Paul Brown
White Heat Cold Logic
(2008 MIT Press)

Also thanks to Stephen Bell for some artist links.
Stephen Bell site

Grant D. Taylor
When the Machine Made Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art (International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition -Bloomsbury Academic 2014

Excellent overview with a wealth of references.
Grant D. Taylor – academic site

Sean Clark of Computer Arts Archive, Interact and CAS also very helpful.

There’s also my own book Micro Arts History – Geoff Davis (Story Software 2019, 2021) on the 1980s scene:

Large sample available – choose your ebook format (Kindle, Apple, B&N, Kobo and more:

Micro Arts History Geoff Davis ebook many formats

Sample for Micro Arts ebook

Other references
Web links open in a new page.

Computer Arts Society

Computer Arts Archive

Wikipedia – Computer Art is very useful for most of these topics and artists.

For new references not in the main 1980s Timeline please see The Waiting Room page