1980s Timeline Credits & References

With thanks to Catherine Mason (link for her site) for knowledgeable interjections and editing.

Much relevant information in her stimulating book:
Catherine Mason
A Computer In The Art Room
(JJG Publishing 2008)

Also Paul Brown‘s diverse book, with chapters by most of the leading artists and curators:
Paul Brown
White Heat Cold Logic
(2008 MIT Press)

Both these books are essential and enjoyable reading for anyone interested in the history of computer art. Please have a look at these on your preferred distributor.

Also thanks to Stephen Bell for some artist links.

Stephen Bell site

Stephen Bell on CAS site


Sean Clark of Interact and CAS also very helpful and encouraging.

There’s also my own book Micro Arts History – Geoff Davis (Story Software 2019) on the 1980s scene:

Large sample available – choose your ebook format (Kindle, Apple, B&N, Kobo and more:

Micro Arts History Geoff Davis ebook many formats

Sample for Micro Arts ebook

Other references
Web links open in a new page.

Computer Arts Society

Computer Arts Archive

Wikipedia – Computer Art is very useful for most of these topics and artists.

For many references not in the main 1980s Timeline please see The Waiting Room page