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NEWS: The Micro Arts Magazine 1984 first edition – online here now

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I had written for the student arts magazine and music fanzines, mainly Sheffield and London’s NMX by Martin Lacey (now publishing Safety Pin punk magazine). Friends supplied some of the articles, which covered art generation, music, etc. It was an alternative to the usual computer magazines which did not cover art, only graphic production, games etc. The Micro Arts operation was imagined to be commercial, which was ridiculous. But it did lead to some interesting work at Sheffield Psalter Lane art college, the London Institute etc.

Incidentally the second edition was planned and started but didn’t get any advertising, and so never came out. We had moved onto Prestel teletext by that time so paper seemed very old-fashioned (in 1985!). My response to all that was to make a concrete ‘tombstone’ edition of the second edition cover only, but that was later used as an actual paver in a garden path.

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Micro Arts Magazine cover 1984

Next is a short extract from Micro Arts Magazine editorial, by ‘Clive Sinclair’, this was a spoof piece based on a typical inspiring text (see Contents scan below for the full experience):

Have you ever thought about computing and the people in it as special? Here’s why…

It is the computer personality who dares to face life as it is with its dangers and risks.

They love to laugh, they love to be excited, they love to be interested. 

This is a time when it is fine for an individual not to be adjusted to a way of life, because the way of life changes every year.

And if someone feels the world to be frightening and harrowing because it doesn’t stay the same, I recommend a diet of Computers and the company of Computer Programmers.

[continues in this style]

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Advert (below): this was an attempt to get advertisers for second issue (we didn’t actually print 5000 of these, but did have Arts Express distribution of sorts). The blurb mentions ‘artware’, which is now defined online as: merchandise (as knick-knacks) that is aesthetic as well as utilitarian.

Micro Arts advertisers
Micro Arts advertising advert for advertisers (potential)


Inside front cover - Micro Arts Magazine
Inside front cover – Micro Arts Magazine




Editorial - Micro Arts Magazine
Editorial – Micro Arts Magazine


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