Prestel Micronet teletext distributed

Phase two – a different distribution – 1985


Micro Arts was invited to be on a large section of Prestel teletext at Micronet 800 (at location 8008). Teletext is also known as viewdata if interactive. This was technically a success but since the world of Prestel was even more obscure than computer art to the typical art connoisseur, it took a bit of the forward momentum out of the project.

Micro Arts History 1984-85 ebook – links for ‘standard’ and ‘deluxe’ fully illustrated edition ($1.99/$7.99)

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“There is no future for online services aimed at domestic computer users”

Michael Collins, the department head of Prestel/Telecom Gold Business Services, stated in a meeting with Paul Needs. [February 1990 – Paul Needs]

“Micronet is to communication in the 80s what the [Gutenberg] Bible was to the Middle Ages”

David Babsky, Micronet Editor, 1984.

Micro Arts on Prestel/Micronet was set up with Simon Holland, who was a contributor and also helped out with the second edition of the magazine (which never came out). 

MA4 Cow Boils Head text story generator was only distributed on this telesoftware format.

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