List of new NFTs and VR Metaverse

The plan is to release the whole of Micro Arts Group activities from 1984 to 2021 as NFTs and later in a VR Metaverse presence. We are also planning AV shows in VR tba.

The first release is a 3D Cube video from MA1 “Abstract Originals” MA1 Cube Collection 3d video art with music, available here

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 still
MA1 Cube Collection video NFT

We were Featured Artist on Known Origin for first drop.

18/11/2021 – a new MYSTERIOUS SCARY collectable video NFT  is out today with a 4K video, and only 0.01. Visit now

MA1 “Abstract Originals” Cube: Data on Known Origin

MA1 Cube: Data video art NFT Known Origin
MA1 Cube: Data video art NFT Known Origin

We are releasing 8 in the MA1 series (1 and 2 are out)  also MA2, MA3, MA4, Quantel, print, etc as NFTs and Metaverse VR displays.

Known Origin Featured Artist –  NFTs – visit Micro Arts Group

Each has a soundtracks from Patryk Jaworski Etalon Production.

MA2 Various Unusual Events NFTs will be released during this sequence, as MA1 and MA2 were released together in 1984. These will include:

Piano Bar (loom woven art)

Studio (artist walking)

Carry on Computing (math art)

Minimal (2 year program, slow art)

Money Work System (Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto (on Solanart)

Dada Word Generator – with unlockable pdf/ebook Notebook

There will also be a MA2 Cube Collection including all the above.

MA4 Story Generator will be released next – with unlockable Cow Boils Head / MA4 as print and pdf/ebook.

These were created by Geoff Davis in 1984 and 1985. Visit the Geoff Davis Organisation

MA3 Martin Rootes art will be released when ready, 2022.

Quantel Painbox art from Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown (France) – the first ever published use by an artist of the Quantel system – with unlockable hi res art (tbc)

The subsequent releases will include:

Micro Arts Magazine – complete edition with unlockable pdf/ebook Magazine

Data Cassettes – 5 (MA1-4, and the unreleased compilation Lux) – with unlockable pdf Data Cassettes Layouts and Templates.

Prestel – where Micro Arts was present for several years, with downloads available via Teletext on national TVs, pre-internet

Memorabilia – reviews, comments etc. – with unlockable pdf/ebook Notebook

Restart 2019 – the website, Computer Arts Society liaison

Current activities 2021 – Leicester Exhibition, Exchange AV event, and recent activities with Patryk Jaworski and Etalon

VR Metaverse

We are setting up a Gallery on a location tbc.

There is an AV Festival with new music by Etalon Production (Patryk Jaworski), Abstract Metal (Geoff Davis, and other EDM and ambient acts tbc.

More news to follow. Please sign up for updates on the Contact page