New computer art 1984

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This is the site for Micro Arts, a computer art forum that was active 1984-1985, and onwards on teletext Micronet 800, part of Prestel. It produced generated art using readily available cheap micro computers. This included art, conceptual, and story generators.

Prints are available, signed, numbered, professional quality. Details to follow.

MA1 Abstract Original – one of seven generational art processes

See main pages for detailed information.

A book about this will be out soon. Showreels of the art (graphics, conceptual, and narrative story generators) will be online soon.

Micro Arts was founded and mostly coded by Geoff Davis, who has a Masters (research) from Middlesex University in Electronic Arts, and taught at Sheffield Hallam University (Psalter Lane art college) and London University of the Arts, and many London commercial training companies. He also runs Story Software which publishes apps and websites, such as Notes Story Board v 2.2 and others.

See below for more images.

MA4 Cow Boils Head story generator in action – continuous stories
MA2 Various Unusual Events – SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

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