Historical influences for computer art

The ebook is about to arrive, and this has a short page on historical influences. So I’ve reproduced it here.

Jacquard’s Loom

Repetitive tasks were first mechanised using the loom, an early success in the Industrial Revolution. The loom then inspired early calculation machine inventors.

Linear repetitions have also been used in line-generated Micro Arts pieces such as ‘Piano Bar’ on MA2.

Jacquard Card
Jacquard Card and Loom

Above:  hard at work computing (a ‘computer’ was a person until recently).

 Anni Albers

Weaving experiments and art from the Bauhaus head have a similarity to some of the Micro Art pieces. This is due to mechanical and algorithmic outputs from a limited but variable input, so the limited colours come out in a grid.

Annie Albers (Bauhaus)

Annie Albers (Bauhas)


Micro Arts Group Geoff Davis MA2 Various Unusual Events The Piano Bar red generative computer art

The Piano Bar red  (Micro Arts Group Geoff Davis MA2 Various Unusual Events)